The SHOP Token is now available at a 20% discount to accredited investors in a limited public pre-sale through April 29, 2018.

[Open to US accredited and international investors, excluding OPAC sanctioned countries.]


*Shopper and Brand Members gain access to the public auction of 100,000,000 SHOP Tokens beginning May 14, 2018 @ 5:00 AM PST.



It’s Time to Decentralize Retail

The leading global intermediary Retail Marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, and Alibaba have become powerful forces driving apart Brands and Shoppers. In conjunction with discovery environments like Facebook, Google, and eBay, these firms have built retail empires around hoarding consumer data and blocking its exchange within the Brand/Shopper relationship.

SHOP: The First Global Commerce Cooperative

The Future of Retail is Democratized

SHOP will not be another retailer, eCommerce platform, or centralizing authority. We will operate for the benefit of all participants in a member-led democracy, decentralizing and reorganizing the retail core onto a blockchain protocol.

This radical redesign of supply chain economics will provide a new type of alignment that the system has never before seen. Making data available will empower SHOP Members to create new kinds of value exchanges, fair approaches to margin and price, and represents an opportunity to drive innovation in unforeseeable ways.

As the most authentic way of managing a physical, real-world structure of people and companies against the decentralization of a blockchain protocol, the Co-op commits to the principles guiding the cypherpunk dream. We are not here to control how these entities will interact and collaborate. We are here for our members and the innovative ways they choose to engage.

Shoppers Will Own Their Data

Shoppers will have full control over their data and, for the first time, will be compensated for the information they choose to permission in a true exchange.

The SHOP Token

Oriented around members seeing dividends, the SHOP Token will be used to drive innovative interactions between members such as incentives, rewards, and compensation for engagement.


Efficiencies for Brands

By tokenizing data exchanges, Brands will experience incredible economic efficiencies through radical insights on their products and market.

System Sustainability

SHOP will unlock longterm innovation by equitably redistributing the power of data without extracting value for the sole purpose of profit maximization.


Available Soon for All Shoppers

SHOP will mint 1 billion ERC20 tokens, named SHOP, to facilitate all interactions on the SHOP Protocol. Rather than extracting fees or rents from transacting participants, the SHOP Protocol is designed to produce dividends and rewards for SHOP Members. 

Step 1.

Become a Lifetime Member of
the SHOP Co-op

Lifetime Membership: Only $4.99

Join the first cooperative that will restore value back to the Shoppers who drive demand across commerce experiences. SHOP Members will gain access to perks like member-only incentives, access to exclusive brands and products, and direct participation in guiding the SHOP Co-op.

Step 2.

Join the auction for SHOP Tokens running May 14th – June 12th

100,000,000 SHOP Tokens To Be Released

The SHOP Token will be distributed through a public sale auction, allowing for a gradually declining SHOP Token price spanning a 30-day period or until 100 million tokens are sold, whichever comes first.

Step 3.

Use your SHOP Tokens on any apps using the SHOP Wallet

Member-Only Discounts & Incentives

Earn $19.99 in SHOP towards your next purchase when you become a SHOP Member. After your $4.99 SHOP membership, simply make a $99 purchase from any app that accepts the SHOP Token and receive $19.99 off.

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Decentralizing Strongholds in Shopping


Economic efficiencies and increased understanding of product performance experienced by Brands through data decentralization will outperform established systems, the benefits of which will pass down to the Shopper via value and satisfaction.

Increasing Shopper Power

Built on the truly equitable foundations of blockchain principles, data ownership will finally be observed in practice. With control returned back to the rightful keepers, not only will Shoppers be able to permission their data, but they will also be rewarded for the value exchange.

Value Maximizing

With properly recognized ownership and appropriate valuation of data, the Protocol will reward the value-creating engagement of shareholders through economic incentives over profit-maximizing firms.

Shopping Protocol

We will be deploying a cryptographically secure SHOP Protocol with value transfers recorded on EVM (Ethereum-Virtual-Machine) for Retail, Grocery, and Everyday B2C Commerce. Architected with scale nodes to support global data performance and smart contract execution, the Protocol will be an open-sourced digital commerce data exchange that promotes the defense of Shopper data privacy in the global landscape.

Ready to support data at retail speeds

Decentralized, cryptographically secure nodes

Trustless smart contract execution ready for the biggest of brands

All data immutable atop Ethereum with layer 2-state channels considerations

Shopping Today

1. Product Discovery

Brand and product awareness through sharing or independent discovery.

2. Product Research

Learn features, make comparisons, read reviews, and ask opinions.

3. Purchase Sourcing

Seller and price comparisons, seek out offers, deals, and promo codes.

4. Product Conversion

Complimentary or related products, checkout, and cross-promotions.

Data & Value Centralization

Retail marketplaces and discovery environments have increasingly centralized the value exchanges between Brands and Shoppers, retaining the data around these value exchanges in order to leverage more margin out of Brands and maximize value consumption from Shoppers in the form of their time and money. 

Unceasing Profit Maximization

Shareholder value return and personal incentive structures today encourage centralized firms across the Shopper journey to develop fatal tactics and interaction models between Brands and Shoppers. These strategic structures work to support the centralized firm’s value extraction of the margin and data of a Brand in addition to Shopper’s data and money. 

Declining Shopper Power

Centralizing authorities leverage their control over product categories, established through private line development, to give Shoppers the illusion of choice. Moving from a free market with true brand competition to an environment that is relegated down to reduced product selection of low quality goods at a higher price deprives Shoppers of their entitled value in the exchange.

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